THE FAMOUS BAINBRIDGE PENNY FARTHING: The 'famous Bainbridge penny farthing' was on our show stands throughtout our show season in 2014. Mr Bainbridge decided to make this in aid of the Tour De Yorkshire that was happening that year. This show piece soon became very popular and wasn't long before Mr Bainbridge was talking on the radio about his latest project! This penny farthing which is made out of feeder parts has since been hired out to various places for events. It stills proves popular and many people enjoy climbing it to reach the high seat to capture that perfect selfie oppertunity!


RELIANT ROBIN: This Reliant Robin was on our show stands throught our show season in 2015. A lot of hours was spent on this car to get it ready for the shows and it was definitely worth it! This little car was a absolute man magnet! Afterall ' he who dares wins'! 

SHOPPING BASKET: This huge shopping basket was on our show stands throughtout our show season in 2016. It was filled with all sorts of small items you can purchase from us including brackets, tines, bolts, bristles and much more! Another great idea by Mr Bainbridge. 

BRUSH & SHOVEL: This large scale brush and shovel was a feature on our show stands in 2017. This brush and shovel was also a big hit and has since been hired out for an event in Pateley Bridge! This was made to symbolise 'out with the old and in with the new' way of sweeping up your yard and the rhyme went with it is as follows: 

Another day of sweeping the yard

You ask yourself why is this so hard? 

Another hour gone...

Sweep, sweep, sweep.......

All day long.

''If only there was some way of making this job easier?' 


Along comes the Bainbridge Rotary Sweeper! 

GIANT MUG: The giant mug was on our show stands in 2018. Painted in the Bainbridge Engineering colours it definatly stood out on the stands and was great as another little table to display leaflets etc on as it had a wooden top! 

CLOCK: This huge working clock was on our show stands throught our show season in 2019. Like the penny farthing this clock was also made out of feeder parts. The clock does actually tell the time and attracted many people to have a closer look at it. Again this was used as a great photo opportunity. A little rhyme also went with the clock: 


It's time to buy a new bucket i hear you say.....

Or mabye a brush, to ease the strain of your day? 

As time is ticking on the clock, 

Why not take a look at our stock? 

From buckets to bale spikes and rotary brushes too,  

If its quality you are after then Bainbridge Engineering are for you!


Yet again another great show piece by Mr Bainbridge...... all we have to say is, watch this space, something really special will be on our stands in 2020!!  


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