Low Height

  • The tub is 2.4m wide at the base, so that the overall height of the machine is kept as low as possible, height is 2.82m, length 5.40.  Tractor hp needed 75

Platform - A front platform with steps


Electric gear change - The 2 speed gearbox can be changed electgrically between high and low.


Joystick control - A hand held joystick for all electro hydraulic operations


Brakes - Braked axles


Lights - Road legal lights


Hitch - Swivel ring hitch

Straw Ring - for today's higher fibre rations, a straw ring holds light material inside the tub.


Tall augers - more knives - more turns on the augers with four knives per revolution for better chopping and mixing ability.


Contra knives - Two contra knives on all single auger models, four on twin and tirple model.


Custom built conveyor - A 2.4m wide conveyor featuring external greaseable bearings and easy belt tracking.