* All our buckets are made to order to suit your requirements. 

Galvanised bucket 



Our galvanised buckets are manufactured with HB500 double bevel toe plates and are also made to order. 

Bomb door bucket



(please see our facebook page to view the video of this bucket being used)



Bolt on toe plate 

General purpose bucket with weld on toe plate

Telehandler buckets

Telehandler rolled back buckets made from 6mm steel with 25 x 200 boron hardened steel blade edge. Rolled back for less stress on loaders and buckets. Cross braces on bottom side of buckets and wear pads in rear corners. 

Round back buckets

Pressed or rolled backed buckets for tractor loader. Made of 5mm steel with strengtheners where the brackets are located and bottom side gussets. Hardened steel blade on front of bucket for wearability. Wear pads in rear corners on the underneath side. 

Bucket with Top Grab

Combination between bucket and muckfork. Designed for chopped straw bedding. 

  • 5mm plate 
  • Kvernland tines 
  • Hydraulic rams 
  • Grease points on all pivots 

Bow fronted bucket with anti spill sides

6mm steel construction. Boron steel blade with strengtheners. Sizes to suit your machine. 

20 X 150 X 2500 £225.00
25 X 200 X 2500  £285.00
Carbon Edges 150 X 16 £48/M